Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There are still a few thousand of you visiting this blog every week, you all probably know where to find me but just in case, here are the links to all my other active sites:

The World Tour Blog- The journey of a lifetime that I'm sharing with the love of my life.

My personal Twitter - Kind of neglected but sometimes I'm getting my thoughts down to it.

My photo portfolio - Updating this with new shots every now and then.

My Flickr - The same here, new stuff being uploaded at times.

Then also our World Tour Twitter and the Facebook for the tour as well. Check them out if you wanna know what is going on in my life in the Caribbean and beyond.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a beautiful summer wherever you are in the world.


a bit coquettish said...

Stunning photos, as per usual. I love the change in hair color, you pull off dark and light with exceptional style!


Sofia Finker said...

hi ;) i just found your blog last night quite accidentally...
i LOVE your entries, all your pics are impressive and stunning! and i have to remark: taru - you are so pretty.
have furthermore a nice trip around the world.
hug sofia (from vienna)

Annis said...

Fin blogg (: