Monday, December 27, 2010


I can't regret any step I've taken in life really. Having said that, I don't mean that I haven't done any mistakes, I've done plenty of them. Tons of mistakes that were a result of bad planning, lack of inspiration, not enough will power, poor calculations, laziness or just human stupidity at times. In the end of the day I am just a human being. But the difference between people like us and the others who doesn't dare to make mistakes is that we do not want to stagnate. We make faults and like that we get stronger, we learn and we move on. We develop ourselves as every second pass by and we do not let human failures stand in the way of the passion we feel for life and for being alive. I just don't take life that serious and less so with each year I get older. And wiser I suppose.


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You really nailed it!
Thanks for this words, really thoughtful.