Thursday, June 17, 2010


Started the summer of 2009 in Barcelona with a trip to Ibiza. Good friends. Good vibes.
Followed by Sonar parties and friends in town.

Was in London for shopping. Expensive shopping was a major part of my everyday happiness those days. Diamonds and pearls. Golden watches, first class flights to luxurious resorts and 2000$ shoes. I guess it wasn't very easy (nor cheap) to satisfy me in this period of my life (at least not if you were a man).

Here's my beautiful, adorable Fanny on a visit in Barcelona.
I went to Bali for some weeks..Photobucket
...fell in love with the nature..
...met some elephants.
I went to my beloved Berlin a couple of times.
And spent some beautiful nights on an astonishing roof terrace in Paris.
I also went home to Sweden to see my old friends.
And the yearly secret island party outside of Gothenburg.
My dear friend Alex visited me in Barcelona a couple of times.
I was posing in my home. Oh my God how I loved that flat.
My dad was here, we went to the Rammstein concert on his birthday.
I was searching for a new flat.
When I suddenly met the man of my dreams. (I mean seriously. Is he really for real, I ask myself at times. How can a man be so fucking beautiful, genuine, normal, intelligent, caring, honest, straight forward, ambitious, down to earth, spiritual, strong, insane, inspiring and blessed with such sex appeal - all at the same time? Jackpot.)
We went to Milan to celebrate life and that we finally found each other.
Came back and had a crazy, wonderful new year eve's celebration with friends.
Don't ask me where I got that trucker hat from? That night was 100% insane. One of the best.
First spring lunch in the sun.
Lots of dinners, birthday parties, events.
Dear Amanda visited us for my birthday.
Moving house, changing life. But not to a new apartment..
..but a boat!!
Would say that's probably one of the best things I ever done. Back to the basics. Steady on the ground. Away from the materialistic world I both loved and hated. Obviously, I do miss my huge walk in closet at times and all the convenience you might have when living spaciously, but the boat life gives me so much more harmony and peace that it wins in the long run. Well thank God for that as we've planned to stay on it for at least two long years. I now look forward to fill the upcoming year with even more traveling and crazy experiences and you're all very welcome to follow the journey!


A woman, a life, a blog ... said...

wow wow wow lady! Looking forward to many years to come with you love! the pics are great and so dynamic!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dubai was Artificial, but you blended right in. Dubai is a special place, crazy it is, no one doubts that... But you left so much memories Taru.. deep inside they still erupt and remind you of every moment you spent there ! live and learn Taru ... Dont live and regret ........

Inspired :) said...

Låter som ett underbart år med massvis av lärdomar och njutning. Älskar bloggen både denna och The World Tour och du är en inspirationskälla, helt underbart och se att du lever fullt ut, till max :) D bör alla göra

Taru Tuomi said...

Anonymous: I never regret any step of my life good or bad, as they made me the person I am today. Dubai sure was a good experience and I am blessed to have seen this type of lifestyle closely, but I have still the right to claim it wasn't what I wanted.

The fact that Dubai is a soulless and artificial city is as much true as that Finland is cold and far away, that Spain is unorganized but wonderful. With honesty, I can say that Dubai taught me more about humanity and cultures than any other city I ever visited but it still didn't do good for my soul. The culture clashed so badly with my ideals that I had to leave it to be able to feel genuine happiness again. Thus the best part with Dubai was that I met a couple of wonderful people who I will always keep inside of my heart, who taught me things about life that are invaluable.

Nevertheless, when people ask me for advice for Dubai, I always say: Go, see it, feel it, experience it - but do not get stuck if you want to keep your sanity intact.

Never have I seen a place which changed the personality of people to the worse, as Dubai. And no wonder when you look at what the city is build on: Slavery, borrowed money, prostitution, crime, a hypocritical and greedy government plus the lack of culture and history. You do your math.

Good experience for sure. But nothing to build your life on.

vixen said...

första mali-bilden.... fantastisk!!!

jag har inte läst din blogg på ett tag men det låter som att ditt liv är på rätt spår och att du njuter av det - vilket är såsom det ska vara :)

det är fantastiskt allt du lyckats åstadkomma på ett år.

Anonymous said...

Much of what you say is true about Dubai.. I am a follower of your blog and somehow it inspires me in many ways. You are where you belong. wish you all the best wherever you end up !

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

That was a full year. I didn't know that u were in Dubaï.
A really great post, and i learn about Dubai in ur comment.

iker said...

Du är underbart vacker Taru och verkar ha en fantastisk inställning till livet.
En drömkvinna helt enkelt!

Marina Milojkovic said...

Du är fantastisk! Hade gärna pratat med dig över en cappuccino..

Wakey said...

What a fantastic picture story Taru!

It made my day really.

Fred said...

Great Blog. Makes so much sense. Is written and presented in a wonderful way. Makes me lean back and think about my own live and maybe take some inspirations for small changes of direction. Thanks. And please keep up with the good spirits, the recipes and all the love between you and Alex and all the wonderful people around you.
Smooth sailing!