Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I'm not around here, you'll probably find me over on my blog on our BCN Guide/Magazine - where I write about all things good about Barcelona. What events I attended, what art galleries you have to check out, where to find the latest runway collections and more..

Also: if you are in Barcelona this weekend, I must suggest you to drop by at the Swab Art Fair of Contemporary Art in Montjuic. I went there today to speak with the organizers and fell in love with some fantastic artwork by Tom Sanford and the bird installation by Berliner, Via Lewandowsky. But more of that here tomorrow.


A woman, a life, a blog ... said...

LOVE YOU MY SOULMATE! you are so talented! See you soon in BC!

Taru Tuomi said...

I'm waiting for you my dear. Come soon! ♥