Saturday, June 13, 2009


✓ Animal prints (when will it fade? Leopard, Zebra.. Whatever seem to go.)
✓ Green bikinis - I've been looking for years and still haven't found the right shade of green.
✓ Clinique's superbalm treatment.
✓ Super silky blouses. The more transparent and light the better.
✓ Long skirts with prints.
✓ All things Chanel. I need a new Chanel bag asap. Why not this cute little one?
✓ Barcelona. I am still so ridiculously in love with this overwhelmingly adorable city.
Sonar in bcn next week. Friends from Brussels, Vienna and Ibiza will be in town. ♡
✓ Lovely Junior boys.

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Meg and Komie said...

We always think that about animal prints as well, still love them though. They just seem to add an extra oomph to any ensemble. Green bikinis are awesome, the color is universally flattering! Good luck on that search =)