Thursday, May 28, 2009


Barcelona was burning last night! FC Barcelona won the Champions League!

We celebrated with our favorite italiano at Santa Madonna in Gracia.

How I love to be back in Europe. Culture. Personal service. Love and life in the air. Real things!
Met some cute happy guys on our way home.


kelsey said...

the first and last foto are awesome!
i love the red fiery-ness of them, barcelona s really one of the main places i want to travel to soooooo badly..and the way you write (i want to study writing and art in Uni) makes me want to come down there ans stay a while with you..
have you seen Vicky Christina Barcelona ahhh first taste my eyes had of barcelona
i think it'd be great to go down there and be absorbed in the real culture and wait for inspiration to start for a book..
p.s. i can't decide whether to write all i thnk of you and your blog in one note an email OR on each and every post haha

Anonymous said...

Barçaaaa <3.
I'm an A.S. Roma devoted fan but in Rome every heart was for Barça... and against Manchester ;D.
Beautiful victory, really !

Anonymous said...

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